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How Odors become Smelly & How Our Products Eliminate the Odors

It is said that 'The Best Defense is a Good Offense' but with odor control, it is better to be first prepared with a great defensive strategy - eliminating odors before they get out of hand. Our products do that for you. You see, odors may reside in the air, but they don't appear out of thin air. They are always the byproduct of microbial metabolism and organic decay. Even body odors are the result of bacteria naturally residing in our bodies. When food scraps in a waste bin are consumed by bacteria, the microbes consume the organic matter, digest it and pass gas...that's right, they pass gas.

To put it simply, odors are offensive gases.

Gases are loosely bound compounds made of molecules and atoms. Atoms have components that can be stolen, and when they are, the entire nature of the atom, the molecule, the compound and the gas changes; and when that happens, what was odorous is no longer smelly. We make products that do just that. We rob odors of the opportunity to be smelly.

The Full Odor Removal Product Overview

In these two videos, you will get a brief overview of our products which fall into to categories - how to respond when odors have caught you off-guard, and how you can keep expected odors in-check and under control.

Quick Response to Bad Odors

Keeping Odors Under Control

Product Specific Videos - What they do & How to use them

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