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Turn your living space from...

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Providing permanent, odor-eliminating, non-toxic, air and surface solutions for use against any odor, anywhere, and in any space.

Eliminating Odors at Their Source in Your Home...

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There are several locations in a home that commonly have the worst odor issues, and identifying the sources of these odors is crucial for addressing the problem effectively. One such area is the kitchen, where various activities take place that can lead to unpleasant smells. The primary source of odors here is often the garbage can, which can emit foul odors due to food waste and other organic matter. Additionally, dirty dishes, rotting food in the refrigerator, or even burnt food residue on stovetops can contribute to unpleasant smells in the kitchen.

Bathrooms are another area that tends to have odor problems. As it is a place where people carry out personal hygiene routines, bad smells can easily linger. The most common source of odors in bathrooms is the toilet. Inadequate cleaning or lack of proper ventilation can lead to the accumulation of bacteria and mold, resulting in unpleasant odors. Furthermore, stagnant water in shower drains or dirty bath mats can also contribute to foul smells in the bathroom.

Laundry rooms can be notorious for bad odors as well. When dirty clothes accumulate or damp laundry remains in the machine for too long, mold and mildew can develop, causing a musty smell. If the room lacks proper ventilation, the odors may become even more noticeable. Similarly, cleaning tools such as mops and sponges that are not properly rinsed or dried can contribute to unpleasant smells in this area.

Basements are often prone to musty odors. These odors can arise from several sources, including humidity, inadequate ventilation, and moisture seepage. Mold and mildew growth on walls or in carpets can be a significant factor contributing to foul smells in basements. Additionally, if the basement is used for storage, old and decaying items can generate unpleasant odors over time.

Finally, the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements are common areas in a home where odor issues can arise. Identifying the sources of these odors, such as garbage, dirty dishes, mold, or humidity, is essential in order to effectively eliminate the smells. Regular cleaning, proper ventilation, and addressing any underlying moisture issues are key to maintaining a fresh and pleasant-smelling home environment.

An Overview of Our Odor Elimination System:

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The No-NonScents Odor Control Rule #1:

Foul Odors Should NEVER be masked...They Should be ELIMINATED.

Most foul odors are the byproduct of microbial metabolism - bacteria digesting organic materials and passing gas. That's right...passing gas. Therefore, most of our products employ the power of ClO2 to eliminate odors at their microbial source.

The No-NonScents Odor Control Rule #2:

Wherever There is Food to Feed Odor-Causing Microbes...Get RID of It!

Many times, we know exactly when and where an organic accident has or is going to happen... a puppy pees, a spill happens, a drain is full of waste matter causing odors. When one of these instances occur, we will direct you to our natural, bio-enzymatic approach to odor remediation.

Eliminate Odors From Any Surface at Its Source

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Pet Odors can make a great relationship really stink

Pet & Urine Odors

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With No-NonScents, you can be assured of the total elimination of odors. Odors in rooms, refrigerators, car, bathroom, clothes, closets, shoes, sports gear, carpets, basements and attics - Regardless of the source.
Our products will thoroughly outperform the common fragrance-masking odor control sprays as used for litter boxes, trash cans, automobiles and pet areas.
And we guarantee it.

This site and store is much more than just a place to go to maintain fresh, clean, odor-free air!

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What makes our systems work?

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In a Nutshell...Nature.

The natural world can be divided in to the Macro (what we can see with our naked eyes) and the Micro (what happens behind the scenes). The first is almost entirely controlled by the second.

For instance, long before bread gets moldy or milk goes sour, tiny organisms have been hard at work to break down cells and molecules into digestible packets, consuming these packets and using the energy to reproduce and build colonies. Long before this happens, our products address the situation at the microscopic level.

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Odors as Consumers.

We have already established that we are all about bacteria, right? Fighting off the bad bacteria that causes odors at the microscopic level, correct? But did you know that 99% of the bacteria in our environment is good and beneficial to our life-supporting functions?

That's right. Only 1% of the bacteria in our world is bad and harmful.

Therefore, our natural approach to odor control is to employ the good bacteria, those that can create digestive enzymes to overcome the bad.

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Science in a Molecule.

Every fragrance we smell in the air, is representative of millions of molecules, and every molecule is comprised of numerous atoms.

Each atom contains a neutron, a proton and an electron, and electrons can be robbed from one atom by another. This process denatures the first atom - changing it from what it was into something different. This process is called 'oxidation-reduction', or simply 'oxidation'. The very best means of denaturing odors in the air is by this process, and the best oxidizer is ClO2.

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