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Policy Regarding Your Privacy

We are committed to responsible data management and subscribe to the principals of the data protection legislation in the United States. We are committed to maintaining the privacy of our users and maintaining the security of any personal information received from you. If you register as a customer or subscriber you will be asked to provide basic personal information. The information provided by you is not available for sale or use by third parties. The information is used solely for notifying you of changes or updates to the Website/Services and of new information that pertains to our business.

Information collected by our company include:

Usernames & Encrypted passwords are saved with users who opt to save their account information on your website during checkout and account creations.

Email addresses are saved with all user orders and accounts as well as licensing data for software.

Billing addresses are required on all orders placed for payment tax, and contact purposes.

Shipping addresses are optional depending on company and product setup and used in a variety of shipping and tax calculation processes.

Order history and order data saved per user can contain personal information including product, option and other cost associated data.

IP information is saved on order processing to help payment processors develop and implement fraud protection processes.

Cookies and session data is often stored and used for e-commerce tracking, and can include a personally identifiable signature to tie a user to their shopping cart, account, and purchasing history.

In some payment processing, the last 4 digits of a credit card and also the expiration date are saved and used in order management for authentication and verification of terminal orders.

Synergy Americas, Inc implements several tracking code systems such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel which indirectly will collect user information such as order data, location, and page flow tracking. This information is not saved directly within the website, but is directly implemented and passes personal information to those systems. Third party applications such as Analytical page tracking and order tracking are stored along with geo-location, IP, order, and other personal information to help better provide a clear pathway our users utilize and take.

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No-NonScents™ offers products and programs for controlling odors at their source, and provides a means for promoters of our products to earn free product and commissions on sales orders placed within our store.

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