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No-NonScents Room Deodorizer - Small Spaces

No-NonScents Room Deodorizer - Small Spaces
No-NonScents Room Deodorizer - Small Spaces
No-NonScents Room Deodorizer - Small Spaces
No-NonScents Room Deodorizer - Small Spaces

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No-NonScents Room Deodorizer - Small Spaces

Model Number: NN-RMKIT10
Eliminate odors in clothing, bedding, and any soft item you can hang in a closet with this half-size deodorizing kit. Works great to neutralize the odors from sports gear and equipment that laundering alone just can't eliminate. Use in any container from a storage tote, to locker to walk-in closet. Generally eliminates odors in just 2 hours. Perfect for the total eradication of smoke odors from clothing.
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Manufacturer: Synergy Americas
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The No-NonScents Small Space Deodorizer is a simple-to-use kit to eliminate residual odors from air and surrounding soft surfaces (clothing, bedding, sports gear, etc) when laundering just can't remove all of the odors. This kit will service a space of up to 500 cubic feet (6' wide x 6' long x 8' high ceilings), a large plastic tote (for deodorizing sports gear, etc) or the average walk-in closet. 

If odors are particularly bad, such as heavy smoking, with ash having settled on surfaces, we recommend you consider our Full-Size kit. 

To deploy this kit, simply follow these simple directions: 

  1. Unfold garments as best as possible and hang so as to achieve the best air circulation.
  2. Remove the cap from atop the jar, and the contents from within the jar. 
  3. Fill the jar with water up to the "fill-line' marked on the label. 
  4. Tear or carefully cut open the pouch containing the 10 gram ClO2-generating tablet, and 
  5. Without touching the tablet, gently slide it from the pouch and into the water. 
  6. Placing a small circulating fan in the closet will also help.
  7. Remove yourself and the jar's contents to outside the closet, and use the supplied signage to put a note on the door that "deodorization is in process". 
  8. Wait the prescribed time (usually 2-4 hours) and open the doors. Leave the circulating fan running. The odors will be gone and should now remind you of a clean, fresh - yet unscented - smell. 

[For heavy body odor in sports gear and uniforms, you may place them in a sealable tote, or storage container, and set off a tablet within this smaller space.]

In a rare occasion, a second application may be required, and if this happens, please let us know and we will help you review the process and provide you with a 50% discount off of your second kit used in the same space. 

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