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Yes, You Can Tell a Bacteria by the Gas it Passes!
We have already established that we are all about bacteria, right? Fighting off the bad bacteria that causes odors at the microscopic level, correct?

But did you know that 99% of the bacteria in our environment is good and beneficial to our life-supporting functions?

That’s right. Only 1% of the bacteria in our world is bad and harmful

Bad bacteria generates somewhat noxious gases, while generally good bacteria is creates odorless CO2.

Therefore, our natural approach to odor control is to employ the good bacteria, those that can create digestive enzymes to overcome the bad. Let’s take your kitchen waste can for instance. You would think that food scraps that escaped the can liner or splattered on the lid would smell exactly like it did when it was on your plate the night before, right? But no, instead it becomes a smorgasbord for every sort of bacterial invader. Most will eat it and leave no odor behind, but bad bacteria, that causes the foul smell every time you open the lid is from what would be classified as a bad bacteria. 

In the case of your waste can, the solid plastic walls and lid are easily cleaned with our Odor Control ONE Cleaner & Deodorizer, where the active ingredient will quickly break down food proteins and promote quick clean-up with a microfiber cloth, but when the active ingredient is dried up, it leaves no residue behind.

In a case like this, you may wish to also employ a spritz of Odor Consume Soft Surface Spray in the can, below the can liner to give the good bacteria a ‘jump start” at controlling ongoing odor control.

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