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The natural world can be divided in to the Macro (what we can see with our naked eyes) and the Micro (what happens behind the scenes). The first is almost entirely controlled by the second.

Long before bread gets moldy or milk goes sour, tiny organisms have been hard at work to break down cells and molecules into digestible packets, consuming these packets and using the energy to reproduce and build colonies. Our products address the situation at the microscopic level.

The organisms are doing the work, modifying the environment around them (in this case, the loaf of bread or quart of milk), to create surroundings to their liking – much like fluffing your pillow before you lay down to sleep. We only see (on bread) or smell (in milk) the results of what has been transpiring over a long period of time, at least in the life-cycle of a microbe!

You see, the microbes, bacteria and fungi, that create the stains and odor, are not created from thin air, but are picked up from the surfaces, or in the air, and settle on the bread or in the milk. We use sub-microscopic chlorine dioxide molecules that are thousands of times smaller than a mold spore to neutralize odor and stain-causing bacteria floating in the air or settling on surfaces, making both safer for your milk and bread…and you!

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