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Removing Smells or Odors from a Room Quickly & Easily
Even a single room can deliver extremely foul odors that, if not eliminate quickly, can be distributed throughout the house. It can be pet odor, a smoke odor, spicy food or musty smells. Whatever the odor, we can eliminate it in just a few hours. Here's how.

Every Common Odor - Eliminated with Chlorine Dioxide

Musty, Stale Air Odors

There are various odors that can plague a room, often making it uncomfortable and unpleasant to spend time in. One common odor is from mustiness or stagnant air, which occurs when there is poor ventilation or when a room has been closed for an extended period. Stagnant air can become stale and musty, leading to an unpleasant smell that lingers. This can also be exacerbated by the presence of dampness or humidity, making the atmosphere even more unpleasant. With our 2 x 20g Deodorizing Kit, these odors can generally be removed in 2-4 hours and without any pre-cleaning. However, we do recommend that you carefully monitor the room humidity level, keeping it between 40-60 rh. 

Smoke Odors

Another common odor that can plague a room is smoke. This can be from cigarettes, cigars, or even burnt food. The smell of smoke can cling to furniture, curtains, and carpets, leaving a lingering scent that can be difficult to eliminate. The odor of smoke can be particularly bothersome for individuals with allergies or respiratory issues, making it necessary to find effective ways of removing the smell. Smoke odors will definitely require a cleaning of all the surfaces with our Odor Control ONE Kit, followed by a 3-4 hour treatment with a 2 x 20g Deodorizing Kit

Pet Odors

Pet odors can also plague a room, particularly in homes with indoor pets. Pets can leave behind dander, fur, urine, and other bodily odors that can permeate the room. The smell of pets can be especially strong in confined spaces and may create an unwelcoming environment. Regular cleaning and proper hygiene practices for pets can help reduce the presence of pet odors in a room. Rooms with Pet Odors should first carefully examined with a black light for signs of urine spotting, treating these with our Odor Control Spray, then once dry, the room may be deodorized for remaining air odors. 

Food Odors

Additionally, food odors can be a common nuisance in rooms such as kitchens, dining areas, or even bedrooms where people tend to eat. Cooking smells can be enjoyable in the moment but can quickly become overpowering and persistent. These odors can be challenging to eliminate, especially if they have been allowed to linger or permeate fabrics and upholstery. Food odors in kitchens generally will only require a cleaning with our Odor Control ONE Kit, using microfiber to wipe down hard surfaces. 

To combat remaining odors in the AIR, we have numerous options, which fall into two categories:

Quick Response Deodorizing Products - Our 10g Deodorizing Kit (for very small spaces) and 2 x 20g Deodorizing Kit (for autos and rooms up to 200sf)

Odor Control Deodorizing Products - Everything Else (we'll cover these in a different blog post)

What is really nice about the Quick Response Kits is that they REALLY WORK. By simply cleaning the room of any odor-causing items, then setting up a our kit, you can eliminate most odors from rooms in less than 4 hours.  Our kits are the fastest most efficient means of clearing odors from a room. Here's a quick video that covers the steps.

Here's a Few More Helpful Hints - 

Odors on Surfaces: Are the odors on the surfaces of the room as well, like smoke residue?  then wipe the surfaces down with microfiber and the solution prepared by our Odor One Kit for Cleaning. This kit will provide you at least a year's worth of household cleaning solution for under $30.00!

Improving Fresh Air Circulation: Proper ventilation, including opening windows and using fans, can help eliminate stagnant air and reduce musty smells. Regular cleaning and maintaining a clean living environment can also help prevent or diminish unpleasant odors. Using air fresheners, scented candles, or essential oil diffusers can only mask odor - so don't add fragrances until you know the odor is gone. The same with using odor-absorbing products such as baking soda or activated charcoal can help neutralize and eliminate lingering smells, they don't deal with the root cause of the odor.

You see, odors can plague a room and create an uncomfortable living environment. Understanding the sources of these odors and implementing proper ventilation, regular cleaning, and using odor-eliminating products can help eradicate unwanted smells and create a more pleasant atmosphere.

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