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Removing Odors from Smelly Sports Gear

Hockey, Football and Soccer Moms Take Heart! Your battle against old and atrocious odors in your young athlete's equipment and uniform can be removed and even eliminated simply and easily with products from No-NonScents!

Why Does This Type of Odor Seem to be Worse than Any Other?

Dealing with the odor in youth athletic gear can be quite unpleasant and challenging to say the least! Young athletes engage in intense physical activity which leads to profuse sweating. As a result, the sweat becomes trapped in their gear, creating a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. This accumulation of bacteria and sweat can lead to offensive smells that are hard to ignore.

One of the main reasons why the odor in youth athletic gear is so pervasive is the material used in these garments. Many youth athletic clothes are designed to be durable and moisture-wicking, which is beneficial for performance but can contribute to the odor problem. These materials, such as polyester and certain synthetic blends, tend to retain moisture and provide an optimal environment for bacteria growth.

Additionally, the nature of youth athletic gear often involves layers, including pads for contact sports or specialized shoes for different activities. These layers can make it challenging to adequately wash and dry the gear, thereby allowing the odor to permeate even after washing. Sometimes, even regular washing may not completely eliminate the smell.

Here Are the Steps for Eliminating The Odor...And Keeping it Away!

  1. Launder the Lauderables - Most detergents are not only not designed to eliminate old and noxious odors in sports uniforms, they actually make it worse. If a laundry detergent is heavily fragranced then it likely contains an oily substance that clings to the fabric, locking in the old body odor. We recommend using 1.5oz of Soil Break and a 1g No-NonScents Odor Control ONE tablet diluted in 16oz of warm water.
  2. Wipe Down the Non-Launderables -  Shoulder pads, knee and elbow pads, skates and helmets can all be sprayed and wiped with No-NonScents Odor Control ONE solution, 1 tablet dissolved in 32oz of warm water. This simple kit for just $29.95, contains enough tablets to last a full year, and can additionally be used throughout your entire home!
  3. If Odors Persist - Vaporize Them! - If there are still any lingering odors after Steps 1 & 2, then place EVERYTHING loosely in a large tote with a sealable lid and use our Small Spaces Rapid Deodorizing Kit. The process is simple and the results are outstanding! ONE VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: MAKE CERTAIN THAT ALL FABRICS ARE DRY. DAMP FABRICS WILL FADE AND POTENTIAL SHOW SIGNS OF BLEACHING.
  4. To see how simple this process is, watch the below video:

The entire process can take less than 2 hours and all odors will be GONE! Don't Mess with Odors - Go No-NonScents!

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