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Removing Odors from Smelly Dog Beds
Do you love your dog, but not the way his-her dog bed smells? Would you like your pet's dog bed to smell better, removing the odors from the dog bed without the use of masking fragrances that are not healthy for you or your pet?

Freshen up Your Furry Friend's Space: A Guide to Dog Bed Deodorization

As pet owners, we all want our beloved pooches to be happy and comfortable. One crucial aspect of their well-being is ensuring that their sleeping area, primarily their dog bed, remains clean and odor-free. Over time, dog beds can accumulate various unpleasant smells, resulting from factors like pet dander, accidents, and general wear and tear. Admit it, you don't want your dog's bed to smell, you want the odor removed - not covered over with a masking fragrance.

However, fret not! In this article, we will explore effective and simple ways to deodorize your dog's bed, restoring it to its fresh and inviting state. From natural remedies to commercial solutions, we will delve into various methods to tackle different types of odors, allowing your furry friend to enjoy their sleep sanctuary once more.

To effectively combat unpleasant smells, it is crucial to understand their origins. We will discuss and highlight common culprits for dog bed odors, including pet hair, urine, bacteria, and organic soils and grime accumulation. By identifying the root cause, we can tailor our deodorization methods accordingly for maximum effectiveness.

Pet Hair - The issue with pet hair, or dander as it is commonly called, is the natural oils that pass through your pet's skin where it clings to each hair fiber. This oil draws in dust particles and other allergens and bacteria which will continually consume waste and produce odors.

Urine - Dog and cat urine is a combination of salts, water and organic matter, all with a very noxious and distinctive odor. Whenever possible, these salts and organic waste need to be flushed out first with laundering. Once the soil load is reduced, the odor removal can begin!

Bacteria - Bacteria is at the heart of all odor. It is microbial metabolism that generates almost all foul odors. Bacteria eats, digests and passes gas - good bacteria passes CO2, bad bacteria noxious odors.

Organic Soils - It's really hard to teach a dog to wipe his feet on the porch entry mat or take off his shoes at the door. They can drag in some of the worst soil (including their own feces), and it will eventually wind up on his or her pet bed. This, too, needs to be wash away ahead of deodorizing.

You see, our system destroys the bacteria that causes odor, but if you leave a full table of food on the surface of your dog's bedding, then you're just inviting new bacteria carried in it's fur from the yard, to invade and take up residence.

Here's the simple method to remove odors from dog bedding in a short video, using our Small Spaces Deodorizing Kit.

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